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Autopsy Saws, Blades, Scales, Vacuums
Body Bags, Disaster Pouches, Shrouds
Cemetery Equipment
Chapel Furniture
Church and Showroom Trucks, Drapes, Frames
Cremation Equipment & Supplies
Crosses, Crucifixes
Death Scene, ID
Disposal, Specimen Containers, Viscera Bags
DNA Collection
Embalming Machines; Pumps & Parts
Equipment Repairs, Refurbishing
First Call Equipment
Fixatives, Formalin
Forceps, Knives, Scissors
Funeral Service Supplies
Gloves, Eye, Face Protection
Hamper Bags, Infectious Bag Liners
Histology Supplies
Prep Room Equipment
Prep Room Sundries - Vinyl Clothing
Protective Clothing
Refrigeration, Storage Racks
Respirators, Filters
Sharps Containers, Sharps Safety Systems
Sheets, Liners
Showers, Eye Wash
Slaughter Instr - Arterial, Drain Tubes, Stopcocks
Slaughter Instruments, Injectors, Trocars, Points
Soaps, Disinfectants, Deodorizers
Speciality Needles, Thread, Blades, Vacutainers
Tables, Carts, Sinks, Trays, Boards
Transfer Cases
Urns, Cremation Burial Vaults

Forceps, Knives, Scissors
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•  Forceps Dressing-Russian-Angular Vein-Adson and Tissue  
•  Scissors Abdominal-Enterotomy-Decapition and Paramedic  
•  Scissors Iris and Strabismus Dissecting  
• Bone Cutting Instruments  
• Forceps Hemostatic-Crile-Kelly-Fixation  
• Forceps Hemostatic-Halstead  
• Forceps Rochester Ochsner - 1 x 2 Teeth Curved  
• Forceps Rochester Ochsner - 1 x 2 Teeth Straight  
• Forceps Rochester Ochsner - Curved  
• Forceps Rochester Ochsner - Straight  
• Forceps Rochester Pean - Curved  
• Forceps Rochester Pean - Straight  
• Knives  
• Operating Scissors Blunt Blunt Points  
• Operating Scissors Sharp Blunt Points  
• Operating Scissors Sharp Sharp Points  
• Scissors Mayo and Metzenbaum Dissecting   

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